Resilience Awareness Month – November 2018

FREE EVENTS in Jackson & Josephine Counties throughout the Month to Raise Awareness of Trauma-Informed Practices and the Tools for Building Resilience for Individuals, Families and Our Communities: November 3: Green Bag Day for the Food Project--sign up to join the Food Project all around Jackson County: November 5: Open ACEs Training at Highland Elementary School, … Continue reading Resilience Awareness Month – November 2018

What if? — Scaling-out regenerative development glocally

Ecological State: Regenerative land management practices create dramatic increases in biodiversity, water retention, and carbon sequestration. Regen Network monitors on-the-ground conditions and generates trusted attestations about the ecological state of managed land and water areas. Source: Regen Network Building educational ecosystems of collaboration to improve planetary health A couple of times in my life I have … Continue reading What if? — Scaling-out regenerative development glocally