Supporting Wild Pollinators – Such as Mason Bees

© by Jerry Allen 2018 Scientists tell us there is a worldwide big decline of insect species. We depend on insect pollinators to pollinate the plants we eat. Without them we would starve. Honeybees as well as wild bees and other pollinators are seriously threatened by pesticides and mites, as well as by climate changes. … Continue reading Supporting Wild Pollinators – Such as Mason Bees


UPCOMING ACES & MENTORING TRAININGS The Southern Oregon ACEs Training Team is offering free monthly open training sessions in Medford and Grants Pass, and Rogue Valley Mentoring is offering a training for people interested in helping to build resilience in our youth by becoming mentors in 2019. Info below!   ACES TRAININGS IN GRANTS PASS: … Continue reading UPCOMING ACES & MENTORING TRAININGS