Join us in adding a few Food growing activities to your life this year.
How many of these will you do in 2018?    Let us know…..

  • Start a Garden!…
  • Expand your garden…
  • Convert your lawn, patio or balcony to grow food…
  • Plant a fruit tree or two, or fruit bushes or a strawberry groundcover…
  • Create a culinary or medicinal herb garden
  • Start a worm bin or compost
  • Get chickens or ducks to turn food scraps into eggs or meat
  • Grow the staples — beans, squash, potatoes, corn, eggs
  • Learn to cook fresh, local, in-season meals — they taste better!
  • Plant in containers if you’re renting or have limited space—take advantage of windowsills
  • Plant a row for a local food bank
  • Plant to attract bees, butterflies, birds, other beneficial insects and wildlife
  • Plant fruit-bearing summer-time shade
  • Plant native varieties such as Evergreen Huckleberry…
  • Grow hops for home-brew or apples for hard cider
  • Plant a tea garden
  • Plant all the ingredients to make salsa or spaghetti sauce
  • Push your limits—grow a new crop or try a new gardening technique


Swiss Chard, Pear, strawberries


Going Deeper (Food)

  • Challenge yourself — how might you do what you’re doing, better? Set a personal goal to grow more or use less and see if you can meet it!
  • Stretch your harvest by preserving — can, dry, ferment, pickle
  • Grow the foundation of your diet by focusing on staples—beans, squash, potatoes, corn, eggs
  • Make your own — yogurt, bread, sauerkraut, juice, kombucha, beer or mead
  • Grow or make enough to share or trade
  • Think food forest — mimic the dynamics of a forest ecology by stacking additional layers into your food production systems
  • Companion plant for higher, tastier, more diverse yields
  • Go vertical — fill unused space and create shade with vining plants like beans, peas, cucumbers, grapes, hardy kiwi, maypop or hops
  • Start a beehive for honey and increased pollination
  • Commit to eating local — join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program
  • Buy organic, open-pollinated, and non-hybrid plants and SAVE SEEDS
  • Increase your garden’s food-bearing perennials — they don’t have to be re-planted each year!
  • Propagate perennial plants and share them with others
  • Integrate pest management — add plants and garden features that attract beneficial insects, lizards, frogs, owls
  • Enrich your soil — plant nitrogen fixers and dynamic accumulators for nutrient dense compost or chop-n-drop material
  • Create a backyard oasis with all the ingredients — shade, water, beauty, food, wildlife and tranquility

Additional Resources (Food)

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