Garden Bed #2

The Bees and Pollinators Garden:

The focus here is on fire-wise plants that offer bees and other native pollinators food throughout the season. It features an Insect Hotel that offers homes to a range of native bees and pollinators and a “Sand Bank Nesting Site” for the many native ground nesting bees (90% of them) that live in Oregon. Look for the Bee Watering Station, too. Bees are thirsty creatures and we have provided for that need.

Mike Nelson and his Insect Hotel creation!

Features to look for:

Insect Hotel

Sand Bank Nesting Site for Ground nesting bees

Bee Watering tray

Sand Bank Ground Bee Nesting Site

Sand bank on right and Bee Watering Station on left

Plants used in this bed include:

Existing Crepe Myrtle tree – a bee and butterfly favorite

Oceanspray – Native Flowering Shrub – 10′- 20′ high and wide

Ceonothus – Native Flowering Shrub

Russian Sage – Large summer flowering perennial

Winter Heather – Evergreen winter blooming heather

Thyme – Evergreen summer flowering herb

Blue Fescue – Evergreen native clump grass

Orange Sedge – Clumping Grass like plant

Other Grass – low growing clump grass

Catmint – Evergreen spring/summer flowering herb

Lavendar – Evergreen summer flowering herb