Drawdown Solutions:
Getting Into Action Workshop

6:00 – 8:30 pm
Monday, September 30,
and Wednesday, October 9, 16, & 23

Unitarian Universalists of Grants Pass
129 NW E St, Grants Pass, OR 97526

$20 suggested donation, or as you are able


This by-donation series, is presented by Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance

and Southern Oregon Drawdown, and hosted by Sustainable Rogue Valley


#6 Drawdown Solution – Educate Girls


Help solve the

Climate Crisis!

Come explore what we can do together



Project Drawdown is a new way to think about climate degradation. Rather than focusing on the problems that have led us to this crisis, Drawdown outlines the most substantive solutions to reverse global warming based on meticulous research by scientists, economists, and policymakers around the world. If implemented collectively on a global scale, these solutions, the majority of which are already in use, would not just slow the earth’s warming, but could reach “drawdown,” described by the project as that point in time when greenhouse gases in the atmosphere peak and begin to decline.

Drawdown is not one solution, it is many, but the good news is that implementing these solutions more widely will result in benefits to human health, security, and prosperity. Nothing new needs to be invented to begin the drawdown process, but the solutions come from a variety of sectors, including education, land use, food production, energy, transportation, building and city planning, and even the materials we use in our daily lives. And there are some surprises brought to light during the research.

In this workshop, participants will be:


  ▪ Introduced to the vital and ongoing research explained in the book Drawdown, a New York Times bestseller


  ▪ Guided to discover or support a solution project that matches their individual passions and ignites their love for the world around us


  ▪ Supported in further development of climate action skills: learning ways to access support information, finding ways to work within  existing social structures, understanding how to start new initiatives, and networking both online and face to face.


To register for the course or for more information, contact https://southernoregondrawdown.org or email larkswain@jeffnet.org.


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