FILM Screening: ArtiFISHal plus Native Storytelling, and Panel Discussion August 22 @ Medford Library Large Community Room  Doors Open at 5:30 pm, Programming starts at 6 pm.      The Rogue Valley Food System Network invites you to join us for an evening about the story of the salmon, from the original people to the current … Continue reading

Protecting Pollinators

Would a native bee like to live in your garden? Kristina Lefever will talk about:   who the pollinators are, why they are  important, why they are disappearing, what we can do to help them, and how to turn our gardens into safe and nurturing havens for the pollinators.  Your local native bees, butterflies, flies, … Continue reading Protecting Pollinators

A Chickadee’s Guide To Gardening By Douglas W. Tallamy

An excellent article on the value of planting native plants and the surprising things that can happen when you do! From a New York Times March 11, 2015 article written by Douglas W. Tallamy OXFORD, Pa. — I GREW up thinking little of plants. I was interested in snakes and turtles, then insects and, eventually, … Continue reading A Chickadee’s Guide To Gardening By Douglas W. Tallamy

Non Toxic Grants Pass Open House Meeting

Hey community members, For everyone who loves and uses public spaces in Grants Pass, join us for this event! You don't have to live in town, you just have to love these parks! We're in conversation with the city to transition away from using synthetic pesticides in the parks where our kids and pets come … Continue reading Non Toxic Grants Pass Open House Meeting

Supporting Wild Pollinators – Such as Mason Bees

© by Jerry Allen 2018 Scientists tell us there is a worldwide big decline of insect species. We depend on insect pollinators to pollinate the plants we eat. Without them we would starve. Honeybees as well as wild bees and other pollinators are seriously threatened by pesticides and mites, as well as by climate changes. … Continue reading Supporting Wild Pollinators – Such as Mason Bees

What if? — Scaling-out regenerative development glocally

Ecological State: Regenerative land management practices create dramatic increases in biodiversity, water retention, and carbon sequestration. Regen Network monitors on-the-ground conditions and generates trusted attestations about the ecological state of managed land and water areas. Source: Regen Network Building educational ecosystems of collaboration to improve planetary health A couple of times in my life I have … Continue reading What if? — Scaling-out regenerative development glocally

Swallows Raising Family in Permaculture Garden Bed at Fairgrounds!

While weeding the Fairgrounds Demonstration garden beds this week, we noticed a pair of swallows darting in and out of one the birdhouses that David Sligar made for our Permaculture Garden bed!  Needless to say we are pretty psyched about that!   We have had Monarchs lay eggs in the Monarch Butterfly Garden and many many … Continue reading Swallows Raising Family in Permaculture Garden Bed at Fairgrounds!

Native Bees of America

Native bees are an unappreciated treasure, with 4,000 species from tiny Perdita to large carpenter bees, they can be found anywhere in North America where flowers bloom. Most people don’t realize that there were no honey bees in America until the white settlers brought hives from Europe. These resourceful insects promptly managed to escape domestication, … Continue reading Native Bees of America

A Few Restoration Activities to get involved in…

Hello fish heads, I hope that everyone is getting off to a good new year.  I wanted to let you know about upcoming opportunities for restoration plantings on a few small streams in our area. Gilbert Creek Park (Grants Pass): Jan 27   9:00 – 2:00 pm:  Prep, willow cutting Feb 3   8:30/9:00 – 2:00 … Continue reading A Few Restoration Activities to get involved in…