Sustainable Rogue Valley’s “Cleaner Air Grants Pass” Event

Nicholas Caleb, the Staff Attorney for Portland based Neighbors for Clean Air will join us Friday, Sept. 9, 10am to 1pm at 1205 SE Harvey Drive, Grants Pass, home of Michelle and David Keip. Anyone interested is welcome. For RSVP or more info contact Michelle Keip 541-244-1885.

stethoscope_airNick will provide an explanation of how Oregon’s current air regulatory program works, an update on the Cleaner Air Oregon process to date, what to expect in the future, what air quality advocates are seeking through the reform process, and how you can become a strong advocate for clean air in our community. The intent is to help us prepare before the Sept. 13th Clearer Air Oregon public forum in Medford and to discuss the Industrial Emmissions Regulatory Reform process that is underway right now. Nick has been involved in environmental advocacy at the legal, policy, grassroots advocacy and academic levels.

Bertie and the Birdbath

The Hypertufa birdbath created by Bertie Foltz.


Thanks to Bertie Foltz and her talent in making objects with hypertufa, a special lightweight concrete mix, we have a birdbath for the Permaculture Garden bed at the Fairgrounds. It is filled regularly with special dripper in the irrigation system. The advantage to having it on the ground is that frogs and toads and other small creatures will have access to it. The disadvantage – if you have a cat is that they will have access to those creatures as well as the birds.

Thanks for the birdbath, Bertie!