“FOR ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY, people have engaged with the world through some form of community, and this is part of our social evolution. Somewhere deep inside us all is an archived treasure, the knowledge of what it is to be part of a community via extended families, locality, village, a shared fidelity to common land, unions, faith communities, language communities, co-operatives, gay communities, even virtual communities, which, for all their unreality, still reflect a yearning for a wider home for the collective soul. The nineteenth-century artist William Morris spoke of the gentle social-ism that he called fellowship: “Fellowship is life, and lack of fellowship is death.”
From The Transitions Initiative by Jay Griffiths in The Orion Magazine

eating together

Join us in adding a few more Community building activities to your life this year.
How many of these will you do in 2018?   Let us know.

  • Talk to your neighbors about community resilience…
  • Pass on this community resilience resource guide to friends and family…
  • Share things you don’t use everyday (car, vacuum cleaner, tools, etc.) with your neighbors…
  • Have a block party and come up with a neighborhood action plan.
  • Host a potluck to share ideas, successes and pool resources.
  • Help a neighbor participate in the Community Resilience Challenge.
  • Invite a friend to help you plant your garden and then return the favor.
  • Organize a walk to tour the stellar gardens of your community.
  • Grow enough to share or trade.
  • Tend space with friends in a community garden.
  • Save seeds, propagate perennials or annual starts to share with others.
  • Each one, teach one — what skills do you have that you can share with others?
  • Get the kids involved — they’re the ones inheriting the earth.
  • Connect with your elders to learn the wisdom of simpler times—trade labor for knowledge.
  • Organize a Permablitz or work PARTY — get your friends together to knock out a project and then celebrate!
  • Instead of driving, chaperone a walking or biking bus to school for your kids and their friends.
  • Make sitting down to share a fresh home-cooked meal a routine with family and friends.

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