Save the Trees at Whitehorse Park

The rally on Saturday, February 5 at Whitehorse Park in Grants Pass had a turnout of at least 50 people concerned about the Josephine County proposal to cut down over 300 mature, healthy trees to pave an area for RV hook-ups.

There will be a public hearing tomorrow night, February 7, at 6:00 pm at Anne Basker Auditorium in Grants Pass. If you are concerned about the fate of these trees, and the effect of their removal on the rest of the park ecosystem, please attend this meeting, either in person or remotely, or send your written comments in advance.

Come to the hearing on February 7 at 6:00 pm at Anne Basker Auditorium in Grants Pass, or participate by Zoom, or send written comments in advance.
The trees with blue markings are the ones proposed to be cut.
Save the Trees! Trees save us every day. Let’s take the opportunity to return the favor.
We can request a delayed decision to allow for full public participation in the decision-making process. We can request an ecological survey of the potential impacts of this decision.
Notice of Public Hearing
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