Southern Oregon Water Summit

This is a wonderful opportunity to engage with folks in our region who care about water. The first session on Sept. 21 was awesome, and there is still time to register for the remaining five sessions: Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 12. Sustainable Rogue Valley is a co-sponsor of this summit.

This web site has all of the remaining dates, times, and locations, as well as a recording of Session 1 on the website as well. Please join us for this important and inspirational gathering!

INVITATION to Fall ’22 Rogue Valley Water Solutions Summit

Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance and our co-sponsoring organizations invite you to be a  participant in the Fall 2022 Rogue Valley Water Solutions Summit, a 6-session community exploration of our relationship with water in the Rogue Valley, next meeting Wednesday, September 28. 


Each session will include background materials to review ahead of time, guest panelists for Q&A, and breakout groups for public input on “What Could Be” — all aiming to create opportunities for the public to envision and share wholistic solutions that address issues and impacts related to water for Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Our first Zoom session highlighted the two major themes of this effort–nurturing an awareness and appreciation of water, at the same time we seek out solutions that support all the Valley’s communities. Meeting every other Wednesday, we started with…

Honoring Water 


Here are the themes and dates for the next sessions:

(Zoom link to be sent the day prior to all registered)

Wed Sept 28, 6-8 pm  Flow and Fairness: Pipes, Projects & Possibilities (Domestic water)

Wed Oct 12     Channeling Better: Outcomes for Agriculture

Wed Oct 26   Veins of the Valley: Wetlands & Waterways

Wed Nov 9     The Catch Basin: Averting Floods, Fires and other Impacts

Sat  Nov 12    Where Do We Go from Here? (in-person summary & action planning)

Join us in dedicating this Water Summit in gratitude to Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim, the voice for water. 

There is no charge for participating in the Summit, but if you’d like to help with covering the costs, our DONATE button will take you to the donation page for Peace House (our fiscal agent).  

Visit the Water Solutions Summit webpage for a description of each session as well as access to the background materials (videos and articles) to review prior to Session #1, or go directly to REGISTER.

We connect with you in appreciation for water, 

Lauren, Lorraine, Cynthia, & Catie

Water Solutions Summit Team

Southern Oregon Pachamama Alliance

Contact:  541 530-8454


Together let us be “an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet.”

Save the Trees at Whitehorse Park

Here is the latest update from Alyssa about Whitehorse Park.

There will be a meeting on Monday April 25 at 9am at Anne Basker Auditorium amongst the County Commissioners and Planning Department covering decisions made at the meeting in February. The deadline for comment submission is TOMORROW, Wed. April 13 @ 5pm. I apologize for the immediacy and super short time line that you have to submit comments, but it is very important that you do so, please! The more public participation we can get to flood Commissioners with our concerns, the better. So please share this information with anyone else you might feel will submit something. Would also be wonderful for anyone that is available to attend the meeting in person on April 25th to speak.

You can follow the link below to view the notice sent by James Black from the Planning Department for more specific details.

Notice sent by James Black about Whitehorse Park

You can also follow the link to a sample letter from Alyssa for you to copy and paste to send in, but please attach your name, address, and any other concerns that you feel you would like to be submitted into the record as well. Send your comments to and ask for confirmation that they were received. 

Sample Letter from Alyssa

And here is an excellent letter to the editor written by Mike Oxendine, a supporter from Talent.

Mike Oxendine’s Letter to the Editor (GP Courier) on 3/15/22

Save the Trees at Whitehorse Park

The rally on Saturday, February 5 at Whitehorse Park in Grants Pass had a turnout of at least 50 people concerned about the Josephine County proposal to cut down over 300 mature, healthy trees to pave an area for RV hook-ups.

There will be a public hearing tomorrow night, February 7, at 6:00 pm at Anne Basker Auditorium in Grants Pass. If you are concerned about the fate of these trees, and the effect of their removal on the rest of the park ecosystem, please attend this meeting, either in person or remotely, or send your written comments in advance.

Come to the hearing on February 7 at 6:00 pm at Anne Basker Auditorium in Grants Pass, or participate by Zoom, or send written comments in advance.
The trees with blue markings are the ones proposed to be cut.
Save the Trees! Trees save us every day. Let’s take the opportunity to return the favor.
We can request a delayed decision to allow for full public participation in the decision-making process. We can request an ecological survey of the potential impacts of this decision.
Notice of Public Hearing
Zoom Info