Bees of 2016 of Southwestern Oregon

The following is by Rogue River resident Travis Owen:
This is an article I wrote about the (mostly native) bees I photographed this year in the Rogue Valley, at least 21 species in 4 families are represented in photos along with some personal observations and life histories. One particularly interesting discovery, bees are basically fuzzy vegan wasps that developed branched hairs adapted to carrying pollen to feed their young (true wasps have simple hairs and are, for all intensive purposes, carnivores).
Travis Owen  — The Amateur Anthecologist


When most people hear the word bee, images of honeybees (Apis mellifera, Apidae) and the associated tales of declines come to mind. However, bees are much more diverse and interesting than the honeybee leads one to believe. There are at least thirty-five hundred species of native bees in America north of Mexico alone, and over twenty-thousand described species worldwide (probably many more). They live diverse lifestyles, but unlike the honeybee most live solitary lives. A similar variance can be seen in wasps, particularly predatory wasps which bees evolved from….

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